stra•te•gic  (adjective) of great importance; necessary or important.
con•nec•tions (noun) political, social, professional, or commercial relationships.

Breakthrough Partners connected people to people as well as people to ideas, prayers, tools and resources to encourage and add capacity so that leaders are equipped and strengthened in the work to which God has called them. These connections take the form of church-to-church partnerships, pastor-to-pastor friendships, significant business engagements, or any number of other introductions and links that enhance and empower the Body of Christ. If your church would like to pursue a long-term relationship with another community or people, if your business or organization needs to expand its horizons, if you personally would like to give God a chance to speak His truth through another set of eyes, perhaps a strategic connection to someone a world away or just around the corner would open your heart and mind.