in•tern•ship (noun) Time spent to gain supervised practical experience.


In a world of fast foods, our internships are the equivalent of your local ethnic restaurants steeped in the flavors and smells of the old world. Slow, exotic, incredibly immersed in the culture and traditions of the area. McDonalds it is not. Time is the key word - from a couple of months to a year or more. This is not a quick process but a life-changing one. You will engage at the heart level with people in deep and desperate need, living with them, joining in their everyday activities, helping when you can, praying when you can't, but always sharing and learning. Developing life-long relationships, engaging in their stories, sharing your own, and always listening to God for the thread of His story through it all. As an intense mission trip, a for-credit school experience, or a post-career opportunity to expand your horizons, our internship program will change your life. If you're ready, CLICK HERE.