e•quip•ping (verb) furnishing for service or action; making ready.

Breakthrough Partners was intent to see the Church as God's instrument of transformation in our world. Often the church has focused on evangelism but failed to demonstrate the love of Christ outside its walls. We must address the broken contexts of all facets of life, passionately proclaiming the reality of a Biblical worldview. We must become people who see the whole of life redeemed by God and extend our hands to aid the most needy and desperate, impacting our communities at home as well as globally. We will equip churches to think in new ways, to see the realities of our world through new lenses, and to seek God's intentions both personally and corporately.

Five Paradigm Shifts to Consider

  • Biblical Worldview vs. Secular Relief and Development.  We seek to disciple and move all sectors of society towards God's biblical truth and intentions.
  • Local Leadership vs. Neo-colonialism.  We are convinced that God has already chosen leadership from within the community or nation. Our task is to empower and walk with these leaders so that change occurs from the inside-out.
  • Partnership vs. Independent Projects.  The leaders and organizations of the community must be interconnected and learn to operate in unity of their diversity. The partnership mindset and practice fosters creativity and generosity.
  • Self Sustaining Organizations and Business vs. Redistribution of Wealth.  Maturing communities that bring peace and well-being to the citizens are able to build institutions, services and systems that are self-sustaining, not dependent on donations from outside.
  • Global Alliances vs. National-Centric Operations.  We need to think and act as an interconnected global Body of Christ, a global mosaic building up the unique dignity of other nations.