ALICT, the African Leadership Institute for Community Transformation, seeks to empower emerging leaders to facilitate sustainable transformation towards healthy reconciled communities based on biblical principles. ALICT hosts a learning experience for young community entrepreneurs and leaders for a 3 month period in Stellenbosch, South Africa. Attendees from all over Africa and beyond come together and share cultures and perspectives. Skills are taught, new insights are gained and relationships are fostered. New servant leaders for the transformation of communities meet and grow together. 

It is truly amazing how God is at work as these young leaders go back to their communities with the commitment, passion and skills to "seek the Kingdom"! To learn more, visit the ALICT WEB SITE.

The Arise and Shine Network in Rwanda was started in 2006 with a group of small local organizations all working in the area of reclaiming lives of women and children at risk. The vision was to bring their leaders together, to exchange or pool information and experience. The Network has enhanced the ministry of individual members, as their visibility and impact has become better known in the communities in which they work, and abroad, in three main dimensions: Education, Outreach to the community, and Training. Read more here.

Breakthrough Partners - Côte d'Ivoire works to mentor, coach, facilitate regional meetings, assist and aid in partnership and economic development and survey the results. Rebuilding communities through local leadership is central to their purpose. Without self-sustaining institutions, there is no hope for long-term peace and reconciliation in Côte d'Ivoire.

Connecting and networking churches together and working with business, community and government leaders for the benefit of the entire country, Breakthrough Partners - Côte d'Ivoire is seeking transformation that so that they can fully realize their potential and develop the talent that God has given for His glory. To learn more, CLICK HERE.

CARSA, Christian Action for Reconciliation and Social Assistance, was founded in Rwanda in 2002 with the goal of promoting reconciliation, reconstruction and consolidation of a peaceful society where a culture of tolerance, solidarity, confidence and dialogue is sustained. Though CARSA's activities focus on all categories of people, particular attention is given to the youth, especially students. Collaboration is indispensable since many other organisations share this same mission of holistic development but may focus on different aspects.

CARSA seeks a culture of peace in the nation of Rwanda through the promotion of positive attitudes and cooperative behavior in holistic development. Working to create a dialogue between genocide survivors, victims of different ethnic backgrounds and families through seminars, conferences and debates organized in schools and universities, young people are able to express their feelings to one another and thus put an end to the loneliness and estrangement caused by suffering and trauma. CARSA's vision is to have a society where peace, solidarity and unity in diversity is maintained.

CARSA's mission is to participate in the fight against ideologies of segregation and divisionism and to promote the social welfare of the youth of Rwanda. Here is a SHORT VIDEO INTERVIEW with Christophe Mbonyingabo, CARSA's founder. To learn more, visit the CARSA WEB SITE.

Chalmers Center for Economic Development
The Chalmers Center for Economic Development at Covenant College assists the church worldwide in declaring the Kingdom of God by bringing economic development and spiritual transformation in the context of low-income communities. Through research and education, the Center trains college students, missionaries, churches and Christian ministries to implement holistic, church-centered strategies that truly empower low-income people to support themselves via their own work.

Our goal is to train churches, missionaries, and Christian ministries to implement strategies that economically and spiritually help those suffering in low-income communities. We offer training in best practice strategies and methodologies that equip you to empower the poor without creating dependency. These strategies have been field tested in our own learning labs or by our partner organizations.

The Chalmers Center has offered our training in partnership and consultation with various organizations over the past few years. Our partners, past and present, include the Christian Community Development Association (CCDA), Food for the Hungry International, the John M. Perkins Foundation for Reconciliation and Development, Mission to North America (MNA), Network 9:35, World Relief and World Vision US. For more information, visit the CHALMERS CENTER WEB SITE.

Disciple Nations Alliance
The Disciple Nations Alliance (DNA) is a worldwide Christian movement that exists to affect a paradigm shift in churches around the world. Our passion is to envision churches to see themselves as God's principle agents of Kingdom advancement, and to serve them in fulfilling their strategic role in the transformation of their communities and nations. We were founded on the conviction that Jesus' blood was shed for the healing of "all things" broken through the Fall (Col. 1:20). This healing is offered not only to individuals, but extends to communities and entire nations. 

Our vision is to see engaged, credible, high-impact local churches affecting real transformation in their communities and in sufficient mass to disciple their nations.

Through our teaching and educational resources, we envision churches with a biblical worldview and equip them to practice a wholistic, incarnational ministry affecting all spheres of society. Additionally, we provide simple tools, enabling them to begin the transformation process with existing resources - no matter how materially poor they may be. For more information, visit the DISCIPLE NATIONS ALLIANCE WEB SITE.

Community Light Mission
Community Light Mission (CLM) envisions a body of Christ engaged in holistic ministry and service in Africa for the transformation and empowerment of society. Its mission is to promote evangelism, transformational discipleship, and to build Christian communities of faith that impact their society as salt and light of the world. Mobilizing local communities of faith as agents of community transformation and development, and believing that effective transformation of African society will take place, CLM works especially among those in rural villages.

Working in Kenya, CLM uses the Jesus Film to evangelize and plant churches in rural areas. To encourage parents to send their children to school and keep them there, they conduct parenting and marriage seminars involving believers and non-believers. CLM offers leadership training to strengthen the churches they have planted and those that already exist. In order to minister and empower these rural communities, CLM has initiated the construction of a polytechnic center to provide training in carpentry, masonry and tailoring to help many unskilled youth. A computer literacy training project will target the local teachers and school leaders. 

With a heart for widows and the poor, CLM strives with integrity and trustworthiness to honor and propagate the Gospel of Jesus Christ, giving faith a community orientation. Visit the COMMUNITY LIGHT MISSION WEB SITE.

EPPC Global Management 
The mission of the nonprofit Education Public Policy & Consulting Global Management, Inc. is to strengthen faith and community organizations who are meeting community and family needs through volunteerism and community service across the world.  EPPC is an international consultancy providing a wide variety of services strengthens faith-based and community organizations that serve people in need by supporting and leveraging public, corporate and private resources. 

Through its national network, EPPC is able to combine practitioner expertise to provide assistance to faith and community based organizations in a variety of critical areas. Not only do we have a well assembled and professional staff we have a vast nationwide network of carefully screened, highly experienced management experts in these areas.   EPPC also works collaboratively with a national network of individuals and organizations to provide specialized assistance in these areas. For more information, visit the EPPC WEB SITE.

Forgotten Voices
Forgotten Voices is demonstrating the love of Jesus Christ by equipping local churches in southern Africa to meet the physical & spiritual needs of AIDS orphans in their communities.  We are focused on locally developed, locally run orphan care to protect the voices of pastors, community leaders, and the children they serve.

The ministry of Forgotten Voices International is founded on the premise that every person is precious in the sight of God. Entire communities are being ravaged by AIDS, leaving orphans as survivors with forgotten voices that are too young or too vulnerable to rise above the background noise of a busy and preoccupied world. 

But there is hope, and together with partners across the US and around the world, Forgotten Voices is equipping leaders and empowering orphans in southern Africa. Forgotten Voices comes alongside these local pastors and helps them develop Local Action Plans for orphan care, funds them, and connects these pastors to other pastors through local seminaries and training programs. For more information, visit the FORGOTTEN VOICES WEB SITE.

Home of Compassion Ministries
Home of Compassion Ministries has a vision to change its community from the inside out, to free it from the oppression of poverty, hopelessness, unemployment and foster a culture of Hope by providing the necessary skills and awareness programs to stimulate the community's God-given abilities and empower them so that they can in turn bring about change. It is involved on a daily basis through projects addressing issues such as hunger, child abuse, substance abuse, crime, gangsterism, and teenage pregnancies, TB HIV/Aids, skills training, etc. Through a "wholistic" approach towards community upliftment and community empowerment, they present well-balanced programs to their community as they serve the "Whole Man". Home of Compassion executes its vision through different programmes that address spiritual, social and financial issues. In order to achieve REAL empowerment, the shackles and barriers to entry imposed by the conventional economy must be broken. Through interventions across the "chain of needs" they provide ways and means for the community to enter into economic and social developments of their own doing. Today Home of Compassion Ministries is growing beyond belief. Government and other stakeholders have come to recognize the extent of the impact that can be achieved based on our knowledge and experience. Recently we have been asked by local government to share our knowledge across the Western Cape as well as nationally and internationally. HOME OF COMPASSIONS WEB SITE

Hope for Life
Hope for Life was inspired by a trip to Kigali, Rwanda in 2008. While completing an internship, Hilliary and Megan met a group of local street children who they soon began forming a relationships with. Upon meeting Chantal Umutesi and Josiane Uwamaliya, a vision began forming amongst this group as their common passion for vulnerable children was realized.

Hope for Life is a children's home that exists to help transform the lives of street boys by equipping them with the resources necessary to leave street life. We are focused on holistic and long-term care that will allow for emotional, relational and spiritual healing to take place in each child or youth. 

Each child in the program will have their primary needs met, will receive loving support, Christian mentorship, and will be equipped to leave street life through the opportunity to attend school. Additionally, this program has created four new jobs, directly impacting these individuals and their families as well For more information, visit the HOPE FOR LIFE WEB SITE.

International Partnering Associates
International Partnership Associates(IPA) is a new name and a new structure for what was formerly known as INTERDEV. IPA continues with a mission to promote and develop strategic mission partnerships. IPA's 20 Regional Partnership Advisors continue the ministry of Partnership in Mission. They offer training courses and active mentoring for field-focused partnerships for mission. IPA helps individuals and organizations partner well with Christ and one another.

International Partnership Associates brings together missions groups, churches, and national leaders and helps them work together. By collaborating with partnering ministries, each ministry can focus its unique strengths and resources for best use in the process of evangelism. For more information, visit the INTERNATIONAL PARTNERING WEB SITE.

Karisimbi Business Partners
Karisimbi Business Partners seeks to alleviate poverty by developing ambitious and strategically-placed Rwandan entrepreneurs. We pick up where micro-finance, business incubation and small business development leave off. Karisimbi Business Partners builds businesses by developing the management capacity of promising mid-sized ventures with untapped potential. Our success is found by ensuring a few ventures can employ many, export often, pay taxes, build industry sectors and establish role models for a new generation of Rwandan business leaders. This intensive work cannot be done quickly or from a distance, but requires a partnership which entails walking alongside ambitious entrepreneurs for years at a time.

In Rwanda today, the need is great, but the hope is greater. The commitment Karisimbi Businss Partners requires is significant, but the potential benefit is profound. Contact us if you would like to know more about this pioneering new model for offering high-impact guidance to high-impact ventures. For more information, visit the KARISIMBI BUSINESS PARTNERS WEB SITE.

Medical Ambassadors International
Medical Ambassadors International is a Christian organization transforming communities around the world by addressing the root causes of poverty, disease and hopelessness. Their multi-national staff work in rural villages and urban slums, empowering local leaders to address their community's problems successfully, and equipping other organizations to do the same. People from over 150 organizations, working in more than 70 countries, are using methods and materials from LifeWind to bring hope and life to the world's poor. Medical Ambassadors is a leader in wholistic community transformation, touching millions of people in great need through the distinctive strategy of "Community Health Evangelism."

CHE empowers communities to overcome poverty, disease, and hopelessness by mobilizing their God-given potential and available resources. The combined influence of the training team, the leadership committee, and the volunteer CHEs creates a dynamic process of learning and change in the community. Physical and social health improves, projects are accomplished, and spiritual growth occurs as people come to faith in Christ. The community changes from the inside-out. For more information, visit the MEDICAL AMBASSADORS INTERNATIONAL WEB SITE.

Partners International
Partners International is a global ministry that works to create and grow communities of Christian witness in partnership with God's people in the least Christian regions of the world. Since 1943, when Partners began working with Christians in China, we pioneered the approach of partnering with indigenous Christian ministries. We continue to identify strategic ministries and provide an array of resources that strengthen and grow their work.

Our partners are local Christians who have a visionary passion to share God's love with their own people and with nearby unreached people groups. Our partners speak the language. They understand the culture. They live at the same economic level as the people they serve. And they often risk persecution, imprisonment, and even death. We are privileged to be partners in the Gospel with these local believers. For more information, visit the PARTNERS INTERNATIONAL WEB SITE.

Samaritan Strategy Africa
Samaritan Strategy Africa is a collaborative initiative whose goal is to mobilize and equip the whole church in Africa to adopt a biblical worldview and practice a wholistic, incarnational ministry that provides tangible demonstrations of Christ's love to a broken people. This will be accomplished through a "school of thought" that involves the development and distribution of educational resources, conferences, training, and networking.

Their strategy involves a number of different approaches including: vision conferences for equipping and enabling churches to begin the transformation process; small groups to provide ongoing engagement in deeper learning and application of the training materials; disciplines of love to demonstrate Christ's love by local churches; Bible school circulation; training of trainers for sustainable multiplication of trainers; and specialized teams focusing on integrating biblical principles into specific sectors such as agriculture, business, politics, health, arts, sports, and family. For more information, visit the SAMARITAN STRATEGY AFRICA WEB SITE.