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Arise and Shine Network: Linking Ministries to Launch Lives 

The Arise and Shine Network in Rwanda was started in 2006 with a group of small local organizations all working in the area of reclaiming lives of women and children at risk. The vision was to bring their leaders together, to exchange or pool information and experience. The Network
has enhanced the ministry of individual members, as their visibility and impact has become better known in the communities in which they work, and abroad, in three main dimensions:  Education, Outreach to the community, and Training.

Arise and Shine Network's nine organizations include three which are running Catch-up schools, one ministering to poor women learning to help themselves in a cooperative effort, two which are running literacy programs, and several which have strong sports ministry programs. Five are also pastors of churches. 

Plans for the future:  The Network's guidelines include prayer, fellowship, mutual up-building, and outreach. These shape all planning decisions for future activities.  Also, the Network has begun a new program involving individual members starting their own income-generating projects to help them meet their basic needs. In doing so, they will be better able to help their beneficiaries. Projects include a general neighborhood store, a milk business, and maize production. Overall, the vision is to continue to build the capacity of each leader, overcoming obstacles that keep them from achieving their goals.
Founder: The Arise and Shine Network was founded by Jean McAllister who came to Rwanda with a short-term mission trip in 2004 and was profoundly changed by that experience. She returned to Rwanda in July of 2005 at age 68 and quickly began meeting with individual leaders helping street kids and prostitutes to find a way out and up into self-respect, faith, and hope for their futures.  As each leader impressed upon Jean a passion
and deep faith in carrying out their challenging ministries, she began to think about bringing them together in order to create a synergy as well as to bless one another, and the Network was born. 

Before hearing and accepting God's invitation to go and live in Rwanda, Jean had been retired for several years from the University of Washington as an executive assistant and has a varied background including a certificate in Spiritual Formation and an interest in such disciplines as anthropology, medical technology, Bible study, writing, music and literature. She has a PhD in English from the University of Washington, and has served as an elder in both her sending church-Bellevue Presbyterian, in Bellevue, WA-and her Rwandan church, also Presbyterian. 

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