In a nutshell, Breakthrough Partners focuses on people not on projects.

Many Christian leaders in developing nations have been trained to manage survival, trusting Jesus for a future life while only surviving in the present. Believing that they were born to be oppressed and suffer in poverty, they conclude that they have little to offer the rest of the world. Their marred identities and vocational insecurities become self-fulfilling prophecies.

Western missions and relief and development organizations have catered to this fatalistic mindset. Child sponsorship initiatives encourage "Western parents" to provide for the financial needs of "Southern children." Governments of the Global South are funded by the North, disenfranchising the governments from local citizens. 

But today a new generation of leaders is emerging  who believe in change both on a personal and cultural level. They will not be exploited or perpetuate the poverty of their ancestors. They are not hopeless; they can generate income and lead and fund their own governments, churches, and mission agencies. It is these people that Breakthrough Partners is committed to serve with knowledge, values, tools, relationships and skills to lead sustainable change with their own resources in line with the vision and truths of God's Kingdom.

Breakthrough Partners empowers and coaches these leaders, identifying and connecting them with other people, ideas and tools. As they lead a change process tailored to their own community's needs, we stay in relationship, walking with them. This empowers them to take responsibility, and it is bearing fruit. Our goal is to see a network of leaders who operate from a biblical worldview, walk in reconciled relationships, develop sustainable resources, and mobilize every sector of society,  church, family, government, education, and business/economy, to be a force for good that moves them from managing survival to leading change for the well-being of the nation.

Below is a recent communication from the Executive Director of Churches of Côte d'Ivoire. We thank God for the trust and love established between us for the advance of God's Kingdom.

. . .  Here the leaders attend many conferences but no follow up or connection with the trainers. But with you it is different, you coach me day by day and you come back in the field to water what you have sown. Your motto (Breakthrough Partners) is building leaders rebuilding communities. Since the day I met you, I am not the same now. Another thing! All the leaders who attend the seminars work for their own interests, but with you, you teach us for the well-being of communities and nation. . .

Ouattara Koffi Tehua
Abidjan, Ivory Coast