Ouelle Ceremony2Report of the Ceremony of Giving a Grain Mill by Breakthrough Partners Côte d'Ivoire to the Cooperative of Ouelle Women

In follow-up training to the economic development seminar which took place in November 2009, Breakthrough Partners Côte d'Ivoire has put in place a strategic plan for spreading the training at different levels to all regions of the country. We have designated representatives among the participants in each region to facilitate carrying out of the program. Thanks to these networks, we were able to get in touch with associations or cooperatives to define together a partnership program based on the development training.

The first cooperative with which we have established a partnership is the cooperative of rural women of Ouelle for the financing of a grain mill so as to increase their income and improve their living conditions. After many meetings with these women, we put the financing plans before our head office in America, Breakthrough Partners (Edmonds, Washington.) By the grace of God this project was financed. We were able to buy a husking machine and a grain mill that we gave to the women on Monday, June 13, 2011 during a ceremony in Ouelle.

The delegation was composed of the following people:

  • Rev Ouattara Koffi Tehua, National Coordinator of Breakthrough Partners Côte d'Ivoire, and executive director of the evangelic federation,
  • Dominique Zouzoua, a trainer and Director of MECS, a microfinance organization,
  • Celine Koffi, a teacher in charge of the literacy training,
  • Kouamé Edouard, assistant Breakthrough Partners-Côte d'Ivoire,
  • Soumaila Sangare, technician of the husking machine and grinding mill and also a technical trainer,
  • Souleymane Diomande, driver who transported the machines.

As soon as we got to Ouelle we were welcomed by happy women; they were joyful for their wish has been fulfilled. In their speech, the spokeswoman of the women thanked Breakthrough Partners and donors for the inestimable help which will increase their productivity and better their conditions of living. These machines will allow them not to pound products such as rice, corn, and groundnuts. "It is a great problem that you have solved; it is a thorn that you have just removed," said the women with tears of joy.

We proceeded to the official giving of the husking machine and grinding mill. It is by dances and hands clapping that they were able to see the husking machine that they called "the husking machine of freedom" for they will no longer pound their products with their hands. It is therefore the end of their sufferings. It is the first time that they will no longer use the traditional way of doing things, that is the using of their hands.

We also grabbed this opportunity to greet the valuable women in the name of our international President, Rev. Gary Edmonds and through him the donors for having put an end to the sufferings of the strong rural women. To express their gratitude, they gave a statue of a woman with a fish in her hand and a bowl on her head; it symbolizes the rural woman of Ouelle. It is a gift.

Concerning their training in entrepreneurship and in literacy, we can do it. Celine Koffi is a trainer well known at the National Education Ministry. She is a French teacher and will lead this program.     

Personally, I feel a great joy to work with these women for it is good to be useful to other people. They have great ambitions for their future because they have already obtained three hectares of land given by the Mayor to build a social center and shops for selling products coming from different villages. I suggest that we deepen our partnership with
these women so that the seed that we have just sowed will not die; rather it has to grow and produce fruits. I think that this kind of partnership needs to be enlarged in other regions and to other cooperatives. It is a contribution which answers real needs.

We do grab this opportunity to thank in the name of the women on behalf of Breakthrough Partners Côte d'Ivoire, Rev Gary Edmonds, the whole team of Breakthrough Partners and also all the different donors for their gifts, their love and compassion. May God grant them a long life and remember them in his grace.

The National coordinator, Koffi Tehua