The Ministry of Brian and Bophal Maher

Brian Maher has been serving in Cambodia since 1994, working with World Vision Cambodia from 1998 to 2005. Along with Cambodian national, Pastor Uon Seila, Brian began a youth commission under the Evangelical Fellowship of Cambodia, gathering young people from across denominational lines for purposes of unity and leadership training through leadership courses, annual youth camps, sexual and environmental awareness seminars, and youth workshops in the provinces. In 2011, Brian and Seila left the Evangelical Fellowship and created

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DOVE  (Developing Our Village Economy), a local non-profit focusing on developing emerging leaders both in the church and in the immediate neighborhood of the DOVE office in Phnom Penh.

The DOVE vision is: To see emotionally and spiritually healthy young men and women bring encouragement, hope, transformation and empowerment to their churches and communities. DOVE now also has three satellites in the provinces doing this same leadership training. Brian has a background in forestry/arboriculture and has an MA in Global Leadership from Fuller Seminary.

Bophal was a war orphan who was born on the VN/Cambodian border in 1971 during a time of intense fighting. Her father, an officer, died on the battlefield fighting the Khmer Rouge. Her mother died of starvation under the Pol Pot Regime. She and her siblings wandered the countryside in search of shelter, avoiding the Khmer Rouge when they could. Her experience as a war orphan gave her the desire to provide shelter and care for orphans and children who cannot stay in their homes because of domestic violence. Bophal runs a shelter in Phnom Penh called 

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Center of Peace (COP) for provincial children who are orphaned or have been traumatized by domestic violence. 

The COP Vision is:   To see children at risk have a safe community in order to develop in knowledge, stature and wisdom, and take part in the restoration of the nation of Cambodia. Bophal was trained by World Vision and World Concern as a Trainer of Trainers, worked for World Vision in the 1990's, and has been a trainer and mentor of young people in the DOVE leadership ministry since 1994. Brian and Bophal were married in December of 2013.

DOVE partners over the years have included MCC, EMM, Samaritan's Purse, World Vision, Dan Mission, Interact, World Concern, and a church consortium in the greater Seattle area (Belpres, Westminster, Calvin Pres, and 10th Ave Church in Vancouver.)

Both DOVE and COP accommodate short-term missionaries and can really use longer term interns.