What is High-5?

High5HandsHigh-5 is a values-based curriculum created by Rwandans for the formation of their children and the transformation of their country. Believing that children are the key to bringing change and transformation to a community, High-5 trains and equips teachers to engage kids using Bible stories, dramas, songs, and games.  Through these activities children are taught to embrace five core values and apply them to their daily lives.  Furthermore, High-5 regularly partners with families and community leaders to emphasize the values as a way of life for the entire society. The five values of High-5 are:

Love: Urukundo  •  Respect: Ukubaha  •  Hope: Icyizere  •  Honesty: Ukuri  •  Thankfulness: Ugushimira

Help Support the High-5 Rwanda Project

During 1994 the country of Rwanda experienced the atrocities of genocide.  In less than 100 days, more than 1 million people were murdered. Prior to this, Rwanda was considered a Christian nation, with over 94% of the population claiming allegiance to the Christian church. Needless to say, the genocide was a clear wake-up call to believers within the country. 

In the aftermath of this horrible event, different leaders and organizations began to surface seeking the reconciliation and restoration of their country. Breakthrough is proud to partner with one such organization, CARSA (Christian Action for Reconciliation and Social Assistance), a member of the Rwandan National Reconciliation Forum. CARSA is unique in that it is one of the few organizations that has understood the value and importance of teaching children as a way forward for the nation. CARSA understands that if the country of Rwanda is to experience peace and prosperity, the children must be taught to think and act differently than their predecessors. That is why High-5 focuses on character formation, and that is why they have chosen these specific values, because…

Without   Love   there is no life,

Without   Hope   there is no future,

Without   Thankfulness   there is no joy,

Without   Respect   there is no peace,

Without   Honesty   there is no trust.

The impact of High-5 and its future

In 2012 High-5 launched its first pilot project, training 86 Sunday School teachers from 43 different churches within the Kamonyi district. The program received so much positive feedback that it has received requests from the government to expand its project to the rest of the districts of Rwanda, as well as to develop a similar curriculum to be implemented within the public schools. Other requests from NGO's and other nations such as Burundi, Zambia, Ivory Coast, and even Cambodia, have asked to receive training and be able to use the High-5 curriculum. By supporting High-5, you have the opportunity to be a part of this transformational process, helping maintain staffing needs, translating the curriculum into other languages, and facilitating the training of teachers and expansion of this project throughout the nation of Rwanda and beyond. 

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