Young Peacebuilders Initiative

In areas of conflict, children suffer incredibly from sexual exploitation, disease, loss of education, families and futures and represent half of war casualties. The YPI is a ministry of Breakthrough Partners that is devoted to better equipping children and youth as peacebuilders in Majority World nations impacted by or at high risk of armed conflict.

What is the Young Peacebuilders Initiative (YPI)?  YPI is a Breakthrough Partners initiative devoted to better equipping children and youth as peacebuilders in Majority World nations impacted by or at high risk of armed conflict. YPI seeks to accomplish this through growing working partnerships in high-risk context, building a toolbox of YPI training resources, equipping local universities to measure and increase YPI impact, and empowering others to develop YPI working partnerships in new contexts.

Are you interested in setting up a Young Peacebuilders Initiative in your community? Our YPI training event will equip participants to create and  sustain a YPI working partnership in their respective contexts. This training is intended  for those who:

  1. believe it is critical to engage young people as peacebuilders in
    order to prevent or stop cycles of violence in high risk contexts;
  2. and want to learn how to develop in a new context an effective
    cross-sector partnership that engages large numbers of children/youth as

The YPI has four primary objectives.

GROWING YPI Working Partnerships in High-Risk Contexts:
We aim to support local leaders and trained facilitators in order to expand and sustain working partnerships with religious groups, organizations, government, departments of education and others who can help equip large numbers of children with peacebuilding passion and skills.

BUILDING A Toolbox of YPI Training Resources:
Through these working partnerships we will develop a variety of peacebuilding and citizenship training tools for children of different ages.

EQUIPPING Local Universities to Measure and Increase YPI Impact:
Multi-year scholarship programs will build capacity in an academic institution in each context to support research on the YPI and help improve its impact.

EMPOWERING Others to Develop YPI Working Partnerships in New Contexts:
An annually updated training manual will take advantage of ongoing experience and research to help others expand this transformative process in new contexts.

YPI Endorsement From Randy Alcorn:

I deeply appreciate the work of Breakthrough Partners. Our organization, Eternal Perspective Ministries, has supported the work of Gary Edmonds . . . for many years. They are now working together to carry out Christ's call to be peacemakers and to care for vulnerable children through an innovative strategy. They are committed to equip young people, in places impacted by poverty and conflict, to be peacemakers in their communities. Gary has had decades of experience in building working partnerships around the world. Their global network of relationships with leaders, and cutting-edge research on equipping children to build peace, have uniquely prepared them for this work. I love what their ministry is about and look forward to seeing how God will use their efforts to spread the gospel and bring glory to Himself.

Randy Alcorn
Eternal Perspectives Ministries

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