Gary _at _UNGary L. Edmonds

Gary  Edmonds is the President of the Board of Directors of Breakthrough Partners, a non-profit organization working to build leaders who will work  together to rebuild communities and nations. In addition, Gary is the President and CEO of Food for the Hungry International.

Gary has also served as  executive director of Churches Together, the Secretary General of the World  Evangelical Alliance giving leadership for the collaboration of four million  churches and more than 130 international organizations in 127 nations, and  Associate International Director of Interdev, establishing cross-sector  partnerships in the most impoverished nations around the world. He also  ministered in Southern California as Senior Associate Pastor of Mariners Church, growing that church and giving  leadership to its missions and international programs. Gary and his wife,  Tricia, and their family lived in Europe for eighteen years, serving as  President and European Director of Christian Associates International, focusing  on leadership development and church planting, and as senior pastor of Crossroads Church  in Geneva.

Gary has a  passion for functional partnership. He says the most significant lesson learned  in Europe was that "a city, nation, or  continent will only be impacted when the people of God intentionally and  functionally work together." His network of contacts is worldwide and  allows for an unprecedented ability to connect and convene. His coaching skills  have brought fractured organizations into unity. His mentoring is building up a  new generation of leaders who seek to transform their communities and nations.

Gary  is a graduate of UCLA,  an ordained minister and has a master's degree in Biblical Studies from  Christian Associates Seminary. He has completed Missiology studies at Fuller  Theological Seminary and has done further study at Regent College, Vancouver,  and the University of Geneva, Switzerland. Presently he is a doctorial  candidate at the Bakke   Graduate University. He married Tricia in 1973, and they have four grown children and seven grandchildren. They reside in Edmonds, Washington.