RStimeRandy Stime

Randy Stime  brings organizational balance and problem solving skills to Breakthrough  Partners having served in various capacities with many NGO's during the past 50  years.

A Seattle native,  he moved to Washington, DC in 1965, working with international visitors  (college students, military, embassy personnel and their families.) He also  worked with the National Prayer Breakfast, political organizations (D & R),  para-church groups, and the Washington, DC Jaycees as state president.

As a Congressional  staffer he was instrumental in installing the first mini-computer in the U.S.  House of Representatives in 1975. With the help of several Congressional wives,  he arranged the first coordinated housing for Congressional Pages. He also  served on the Board of Greater Washington DC United Way.

Sensing the need  for a secure retreat center for the diplomatic corps, Randy led the creation of  Mayo International Center near Annapolis, MD, where embassy staff and their families  could relax on the Chesapeake Bay.

Upon returning to  the other Washington, he was a commissioned computer salesman for a decade.  From 1990-2009, Randy was the Executive Director of Camp Brotherhood, an  interfaith and family retreat center in the Seattle Area. He has also served,  and still serves on several boards.

Randy attended  the Lutheran Bible Institute, Westmont College and graduated from Pacific  Lutheran University. While still in school, he pulled together a leadership  team which led to the creation of the Lutheran Church's Holden Village Retreat Center  on Lake Chelan. After college, he served in the U.S. Army Special Forces  Reserve program.

In 1969 Randy  married Christine Haynes, a Seattleite he met in D.C. They have two children  and three grandchildren. Although retired, he retains an interest in bringing the  Church together under the Lordship of Jesus Christ, both locally and worldwide.