SSheltonSteven Shelton
Steven is honored to be a founding Board Member of  Breakthrough Partners.
In recent years Steve has served as the Director of Business
Development and Finance for The World Evangelical Alliance, Finance Director for Vision House, and Director of Revenue Operations for Davita.

Steve spent most of his working career with Nordstrom, the
Seattle based fashion retailer, retiring after 24 years of service. His last position was Vice President of Customer Retention of Nordstrom Bank, the consumer credit division of Nordstrom. Steve also served as Regional Vice President, Director of CreditOperations and Director of Accounts Payable. Steve learned the Credit Card business working under Dee Hock the founder of VISA and VISA International, while working himself through the Foster School of Business at the University of Washington.  Steve also served as manager of Logistics and as Statistical Manager for Macys (The Bon Marche). Steve is a certified consumer credit executive (C.C.C.E.).

In the past Steve has served on the boards of Consumer Credit Counseling of America, The National Foundation for Consumer Credit, the Credit Advisory Committee for the Credit Research Center at the McDonough School of Business, Georgetown University, The Seattle King County International Credit Association and the Nordstrom Federal Credit Union.

Currently, in addition to serving as the Chairman of the Board of Breakthrough Partners, Steve is a member of the Board of Directors of the Snohomish County Public Facilities District, Past President of the Board of the Edmonds Center for the Arts and is Vice President of Barclay Shelton Dance Inc.

Steve has been blessed to be married for over 40 years to his precious wife Leanne who is also the President and Director of Barclay Shelton Dance Inc. Steve and Leanne have two sons, Matthew, a Corrections Officer for the City of Marysville, WA and member of the Coast Guard Reserves, married to Jennifer, and Marcus, Business Director of Barclay Shelton Dance Inc. and a professional Opera singer, married to Tiffany, and two grandsons, Blake and Caleb, sons of Marcus and Tiffany. Steve and Leanne reside in Edmonds, WA.