"Gary Edmonds has an in depth first hand understanding of the complexities of international Christian ministry and a unique ability to intervene in appropriate ways."

John De Haan
Executive Director, AERDO

"Gary Edmonds is one of the most experienced and best connected leaders in the Kingdom of God. His wise discernment and sensitive interpersonal skills make him the ideal facilitator. He has earned the trust of prominent African Church leaders and is an integral part of some of the most effective African Kingdom Initiatives. He is a well respected advisor, consultant and mentor."

Cassie Carstens
Director, Africa Leadership Institute for Community Transformation

"Gary's advice and counsel has helped us avoid mistakes, become more effective in our global ministry partnerships, and enabled Word of Grace to move forward in our desire to make an impact around the world."

Karl H. Mueller
US Director, Visionledd

"Gary Edmonds combines a grasp of the heart of the church around the world with effective communication with its leadership. He inspires, challenges, and comforts according to the need."

Alex Araujo
Partners International; Interdev Partnership Associates

"Gary's strategic leadership and input into our passion to see local churches intentionally promote biblical transformation in all sectors of society is greatly appreciated."

Dr. Bob Moffitt
President, Harvest Foundation

"Gary is well networked with leaders on this continent and brings together vast experience in working in both Francophone and Anglophone Africa. I share in his eagerness to see relationships developed between wholistic churches in America and wholistic churches in Africa partnering in healthy ways that will advance the Kingdom on both continents."

Dennis Tongoi
Regional Director, Africa Church Mission Society

"Gary Edmonds and Breakthrough Partners have the long-term experience and international network to help organizations to reach the world in whole new ways."

Brad Smith
President, Bakke Graduate University

"The trustworthy leadership of Gary Edmonds is why I recommend Breakthrough Partners for collaborative efforts around the world."

Dr. Bruce McNicol
President, Leadership Catalyst

"God has used Gary Edmonds in my life to give me new faith and inspire fresh vision for how the young church in Albania can be a part of God's plan to reach the nations."

Geni Begu
Past General Secretary, Albanian Evangelical Alliance

"I am excited by Breakthrough Partners' commitment to help the local church to be all that God has called her to be, and I am eager to work with Breakthrough for the advancement of Christ's church and kingdom."

Dr. Brian Fikkert
Director, Chalmers Center for Economic Development at Covenant College

"Gary's gift as a networker has been of great benefit to us. He has been generous without expecting anything in return. Gary has a humble heart, seeking to glorify Christ and to advance His Kingdom."

Darrow L. Miller
Vice President, Food for the Hungry International

"Gary has outstanding experience, expertise and "a father heart" in motivating, inspiring and helping leaders . . . to follow God's call in working together in unity as a Body of Christ for development of a holistic transformational partnership to fulfill The Great Commission."

Rio Sibarani,
Indonesia Unreached People Network; Interdev Partnership Associates-Southeast Asia Islands

"We do recognize that Gary is among people that the Holy Ghost is working through to bring together the whole Church for the coming of the Kingdom."

Theo Mushinzimana
Coordinator, Churches Together-Rwanda

"Gary Edmonds has a heart for the local church, an understanding of wholistic community transformation and a very broad understanding of how to get organizations/churches to effectively partner with each other."

Bill Waddell