AEdmonds Family WebAndrew Edmonds
Director of Children's Ministry Training 
Andrew is the BtP Director of Children's Ministry Training. Having joined the team in September of 2013, he has committed himself to serving the partners of BtP to help them care for and disciple children in their respective nations.  Andrew believes children are key to transforming a nation. "The sooner we reach kids with God's love," he says, "the brighter the future for the individual, the community, and the nation.  Children are not only the future of a nation, they are a valuable part of the nation today, and a crucial
part of the solution for tomorrow."

As son to Gary and Tricia Edmonds, Andrew grew up in France and Switzerland.  The family then moved to California in 1993, and Andrew graduated from Point Loma Nazarene University in 2002 with a degree in Elementary Education. Here he met Jennifer,  married her in May, 2004, and they moved to Panama City, Panama four weeks later.

For the next 9 years, Andrew and Jennifer lived in Panama, working as the Children's Pastors for an international church. They also spent a year in Guinea, West Africa, ministering to and teaching the children of a missionary team working amongst an unreached people group.  During this time Andrew also served with Kidzana and 1for50, traveling to countries such as Thailand, Nepal, and Senegal, as well as different
locations throughout Guinea and Panama, providing children's ministry training to indigenous leaders from various church backgrounds.

Andrew is excited to bring his gifts, passions, and experiences to serve and support BtP's regional partners throughout the world.  It's truly special to find such a global-minded community that is set on building God's Kingdom here on earth, and it's exactly in this kind of community that Andrew feels right at home.

Andrew and Jennifer currently reside in Edmonds, Washington.  They have two children, Nathanael and Abigail.  On top of his responsibilities with Breakthrough Partners, Andrew also works as the pastor of children and youth for Faith Community Church.