DMoyer Web PhotoDan Moyer
Director, Global Field Operations 

Focusing on global field operations, Dan draws from 80 years of experience from his extended family's service in missions to function as a bridge between the growing mission force in the majority world and the passionate mission leaders and believers in the West. Dan speaks to the who, where and how of getting involved in modern day missions, seeking to facilitate sustainable, holistic, and collaborative communities of hope around the world. "Together we must learn to leverage the strengths and gifts God has given us so we can form an unstoppable force through our unity under the leadership of Christ."

Dan and Tina join the Breakthrough Partners team after serving in Africa with Grace Ministries International since 1990, living in Tanzania from 1990-1997 and then in Zambia until 2012. They have ministered in various capacities ranging from hospital administration to construction, leadership development (at local Bible Institutes in Tanzania and Zambia), church planting, community projects (including working to teach the deaf in Zambia), school administration and missionary team leadership for Africa. Their passion is to facilitate life-changing training, bring sustainable development and model a Biblical worldview to any community where they are working as ambassadors of Christ.

With this international ministry experience and a love for people, the Moyers are dedicated to the development of leaders who can and will reproduce. Dan says, "We will use our time to model a Godly family transformed with a clear calling and ability to catalyze, empower and disciple community leaders who have the desire and commitment to do the same. One of our goals is to utilize our skills of flexibility, adaptability, and cross-cultural communication to develop relationships where teaching, training and coaching can take place while working as a part of a like-minded team." 

Dan was born in Zambia and raised in a village in southwestern Tanzania, the grandson and son of missionaries working in DR Congo, Burundi, Tanzania, Zambia and Mexico since 1933. He received his AA degree at Grace College in Winona Lake Indiana and later completed his Bachelor of Theology at Grace Bible College in Grand Rapids Mi. Dan was licensed in 1989 by the Grace Gospel Fellowship and later ordained for the ministry. He is fluent in a number of Bantu languages including Mambwe, Lungu, KiFipa, Namwanga, Bemba and Swahili. Dan is a member of the MANI (Movement for African National Initiatives) leadership team for Southern Africa and a consultant for global engagement with MANI in the area of partnerships.

Tina is the daughter of Pastor Clifford and Bonnie Barbich from the Grace Gospel Fellowship. She received her AA degree from Grace Bible College in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Tina is fluent in sign language (ASL) and Swahili. The Moyers have three children and moved back to Africa in Septmeber of 2013. They currently live in Iringa, Tanzania.