Tricia WebphotoTricia Edmonds
Senior Partner, Women's Ministies

Alongside Gary Edmonds  since 1973, Tricia has been involved in church planting and pastoring in Europe and the U.S., as well as in worldwide missions endeavors.This has given her a broad range of ministry experience, but her giftedness and focus has been in working with women. She has served as director of women's ministries in churches, as Bible study teacher, as developer of study materials, and as leadership trainer and mentor.                     

With Breakthrough Partners' work in Africa, Tricia's primary focus is to come alongside African leaders in churches and organizations that are ministering to women and children in very destitute situations. In partnering with them she seeks to bring encouragement, Biblical instruction, connections to resources (both local and global), training and coaching. It is her delight to watch women's and children's lives being changed by the wholistic nature of these ministries, those who know how important it is meet the physical as well as the spiritual needs of the African people.

During her visits in Africa, much of her time is spent in the large slums of the continent. Alongside her African brothers and sisters she reaches out to women struggling to survive, prostitutes, widows, those suffering with AIDS, street children, orphans and other vulnerable children. In building the leaders who are doing the ministry, their impact grows, hope spreads, and Christ is glorified as lives are changed by His love and truth.

Tricia grew up in California and Missouri, studied accounting at UCLA where she met Gary, and married him in 1973. She is the proud mother of four grown children and grandmother of seven.